I'm Paul Lange

I'm running to represent the people of the new Illinois 15th Congressional District.
I want to give people in this new district a choice and a real voice by fighting for economic opportunity, voting rights and health care.

Illinois' New 15th Congressional District

Following the 2020 census, Illinois lost one congressional district. The new 15th district was created spanning a large swath of the central portion of the state and incorporating parts of the previous 13th & 15th districts.

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The Issues

Restoring Power to the People

At a time when corporate interests and radical political movements attempt to impose minority rule on the majority of Americans, it's time to make sure that government is responsive to the needs and will of the people.
I support the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Right Act.
Likewise, I support use of citizen referendums on important issues that would carry the weight of law, directly putting the most urgent and important issues of our time on the ballot.

Building an Economy for Everyone

I support the American Rescue Plan and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
These two bills are providing real, tangible benefits to our district, including updates to aging infrastructure, jobs and economic opportunity.

  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has benefitted our district through the the NESP or Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program for the Mississippi River.
  • Adams County is using American Rescue Plan funds to help the village of Mendon complete a water and sewer project among other current and proposed projects.

I am also concerned about the corporate cartels and monopolies contributing to runaway inflation. Meat packers and fossil fuel companies are recording record profits while average Americans struggle to get by. Without common sense controls  in place, the race for corporate profits are burying ordinary people under piles of debt.

Strengthening Social Security

Unlike Senator Rick Scott of Florida, who's 'sunsetting' plan could cripple or eliminate Social Security and Medicare as we know them, I support strengthening both.

According to the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees, both funds are at risk of depletion in the next 4-12 years. Even though this does not mean that either program will 'run out of money' at that time, it is important to update and secure these programs for the future.

Hard working Americans have paid into these programs and are absolutely entitled to receiving the benefits they were promised.

Improving Healthcare

It's time to join other industrialized nations in creating a single-payer health care system.

Beyond the health and financial benefits to individuals, this type of system would have far-reaching benefits to businesses and even school districts.

Removing health care concerns from business and school boards, allows them to focus on their core strengths. It also helps level the playing field for our small businesses in attracting talent and keeping jobs in our local economies.

Such a system is projected to bring down medical costs and put health care decisions back in the hands of doctors and patients instead of insurance executives.

Meet Paul

Born in Maryland, Paul has lived in the Quincy area since 1974.

After his father died in 1961, he experienced the value of a 'hand up' as his mother raised 6 children with determination and the help of Social Security.

Paul is a graduate of Quincy University with a degree in Management Information Systems. 

As commodity broker at D&S Commodities for the past 26 years, he's seen first-hand the real effects government and corporate policies have on the cost of goods for families.

He's running to bring real power back to the people of this district.

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