Paul Lange Runs Grassroots Campaign Against Heavily Funded Trump-Backed Opponent

by Dawn // August 13, 2022  

QUINCY, IL (Aug 12, 2022) – Paul Lange has raised a little over $10,000 in his campaign for congress in central Illinois. His Trump-backed opponent has raised over $1,000,000. In an attempt to gain traction with minimal funds, Paul has set out in a true grassroots campaign attending fairs, local meet-and-greets and town square rallies, hoping to gain exposure and engage voters.

“To many it may seem like the lack of funding is a negative, but in Paul’s campaign we’re viewing it as an advantage,” said a member of Paul Lange’s campaign team during an interview on Thursday, “Paul Lange is running on the promise he has no corporate interests. His only interest lies in the voice of the people of District 15. That can easily be seen in his funding numbers. He’s receiving $10 and $20 donations from farmers, teachers, factory workers. He’s not receiving hundreds of thousands from corporations.  Our budget, right now, isn’t allowing us to make commercials or print thousands of signs. But Paul is doing everything he can to introduce himself to voters of District 15. He’s going door-to-door. He has multiple events lined up all across District 15 each week. Some days he’s driving six plus hours, just to ensure he’s meeting people in all 35 counties and addressing their concerns.”

Paul Lange has so far invested his campaign funds in paper hand-outs, yard signs, a website and a social media managing team. He is spending most of his time attending meet-and-greets in all 35 counties in his district. District 15 spans from the Iowa border to the Indiana border in central Illinois, and covers an area over 230 miles across at its furthest corners in Edgar County and Mercer County.

Although Paul Lange’s opponent has been publicly backed by Trump and has raised, and spent, over a million dollars, Paul believes his grassroots campaign is exactly what he needs to win in District 15. “Voters in District 15 want to be heard. At meet-and-greets and fairs I’ll meet people and I’ll ask them, ‘What matters to you?’ and they’ll say, ‘No one’s ever asked me that before.’. That’s what makes my campaign different from my opponent’s. I’m talking one-on-one with the voters.”

Paul Lange is the Democratic candidate for House of Representatives running in the 15th District in Illinois. Paul’s main talking points include strengthening social security, improving river infrastructure, giving women rights to make their own healthcare decisions and supporting farmers. He has garnered a lot of support with his public backing of farmer’s “Right to Repair” legislation and his promise to protect Social Security.